The company offers occupational health and safety services to corporates, insurance companies, NGOs and workers on matters pertaining to workers’ health and safety. Baines Occupational Health & Safety Centre seeks to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being of workers in all occupations as well as ex- workers. It is also involved in carrying out research on workers/ex-workers health. The main services offered by Baines Occupational Health & Safety Centre include
Occupational Medical Services – Onsite and Mobile
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Occupational health Tests
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Workplace Health Programs
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Consultancy services: OSH
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Occupational Health Research and Training
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Workplace Clinic Management Services
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Project Management
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  • These include clinical diagnostic services for occupational diseases and injuries, fitness for work evaluations (FFDS), employment medical examinations and impairment/disability evaluations for compensation purposes.

  • Clinical consultations

    BOHS performs specialist consultations for the diagnosis of diseases that are linked to or attributed to work. Occupational diseases are defined as conditions arising out of and during one’ employment. BOHS does these assessments for advisory and compensation purposes.

  • Employment Medical evaluations

    Employment medical examinations and post-employment medical evaluations are done to exclude any occupational diseases arising out of and during the course of a worker’s employment. Baines has adopted the risk based medical examination philosophy whereby the content and frequency of employment medical examinations are determined by occupational risk exposure profiles.

    The center offers medical evaluations to all prospective employees to ascertain their fitness to work. This evaluation also assists with setting baselines for workers’ health and safety upon which any future effects from work can be ascertained.

    Periodic Medical Examinations
    Periodic medical examinations are done on employees who are exposed to occupational hazards in the workplace. BOHS performs these medicals to detect early any effects of workplace hazards on the health of workers.

    Exit Medical Examinations
    Workers leaving employment on retirement or resignation are offered an exit medical examination to check if they have not acquired any occupational diseases during their employment..

  • Disability evaluations

    BOHS performs specialist impairment (Disability) evaluations for injured workers and those suffering from occupational diseases for the purposes of grading the residual impairment. The facility uses the AMA guidelines, an international benchmark, in assessing impairments.

  • Return to work evaluations

    Workers on prolonged sickness absenteeism, those recovering from illness and post rehabilitation are offered fitness for duty evaluations to ascertain their suitability for return to work

  • Travel health services

    The center provides pre travel health consultations and including vaccinations for common destination diseases. During travel and post travel consultations are also provided.

  • BOHS offers various occupational health tests as part of pre-placement, periodic or exit medical examinations. The choice of tests is informed by the occupational risk exposure profile of the workers.

  • Audiometry – Hearing test

    Workers who are exposed to noise levels exceeding 85 decibels require a hearing assessment to exclude noise induced hearing loss. This also applies to all workers performing safety critical work requiring a good hearing function.

  • Spirometry – Lung function testing

    Lung function testing is offered to workers working in dusty areas or where there is a risk of exposure to respiratory hazards. Such assessments are also done for workers in safety critical work or work requiring heavy physical exertion.

  • Vision Screening

    Advanced vision testing is offered by means of a Titmus Vision screener. The testing includes assessment of the visual acuity, color, depth perception, peripheral vision and lateral muscle balance using both day and night modes. The performance of safety critical tasks and driving require good visual function.

  • Laboratory Tests

    Baines provides laboratory services for urine, blood etc. Tests include blood sugar testing, lipid profile testing, kidney and liver function testing, and testing for heavy metals poisoning, allergy screening among many others.

  • Radiology

    Baines offers radiology testing services like chest x rays and scanning services

  • BOHS offers various programs that protect workers from the effects of various workplace hazards such as physical, chemical, biological, psychosocial and ergonomic hazards. These include hearing conservation programs, respiratory protection programs, Ergonomics Management Program, Biological hazards and occupational Immunization Programs.

  • Wellness Programs

    BOHS specializes in wellness program designs, implementation and audits for different organizations. This includes carrying out health risk appraisals for different groups of people and developing a specific wellness program for them. This ranges from high level executive health programs for corporate organizations to individual low-level workers. These include among other issues: cancer screening, chronic diseases screenings and management, alcohol and substance abuse management, smoking cessation programs and specific medical evaluations.

  • Sickness Absenteeism Management

    Sickness absenteeism constitutes a major threat to organizational productivity and employee wellness. Significant production time is lost due to prolonged workplace absenteeism by workers. BOHS specializes in developing comprehensive sickness absenteeism management systems that favor employee rehabilitation and early return to work. It offers advisory services to companies and details operational methodologies and advisory services that ensure early return to work while safeguarding the health and safety of workers.

  • Hearing Conservation Programs

    Workers exposed to noise levels above 85 decibels are at risk of developing permanent and irreversible noise induced hearing loss. Workers who have suffered permanent hearing loss require rehabilitation and ongoing management to improve their quality of life. Safety sensitive/critical work requires a good hearing function. In order to reduce medicolegal risks, all prospective workers to noisy environments require baseline hearing tests. All these issues are taken care of by a comprehensive and robust hearing conservation program. BOHS offers services for the design and management of hearing conservation programs to organizations.

  • Respiratory Protection Program

    Conservation of the respiratory function is key in workers exposed to inhalational hazards such as chemicals and solvents. Workers assigned to wear respirators require initial testing to ensure that they will not be “suffocated by respiratory PPE”. Respiratory assessment prior to assignment to highly exertional work is key in occupational health. BAINES offers services in crafting and monitoring respiratory conservation programs in order to safeguard the health and safety of workers in such conditions.

  • Ergonomics Management Programs

    Workplace design is key in the promotion and maintenance of workers’ health. Common health problems such as lower back ache, neck pains, depression and fatigue can result from poorly designed workplaces. It is thus vital that workplaces are designed to match the physical capabilities of workers. BOHS offers services in the design of ergonomics programs including advisory services in purchase of equipment, office furniture, design of jobs, shift work etc. that ensure the health, safety and comfort of workers.

  • Biological Hazards & Immunization Programs

    BOHS offers immunization programs to workers exposed to various biological hazards. Biological hazards in the workplace pose a significant risk to the health and safety of workers. Examples include Hepatitis A and B. Certain occupations such as food handlers, sewerage workers, veterinary workers, health care workers and occupational travelers are exposed to serious biological risks that require a comprehensive health risk appraisal and appropriate immunizations.

  • OHS Consultancy

    BOHS offers occupational health and safety consultancy services to different industries and organizations. The services are geared towards assisting organizations to comply with the various Occupational health and safety standards such as NOSA, OHSA 18001, Rainforest standards in the Agricultural sector and ISO standards.

  • Occupational Health research and Training

    BOHS offers research services in occupational health and safety. This includes designing research to establish causality in the occupational environment emanating from hidden or unidentified occupational exposures. This includes doing organizational systems analysis to establish causality or examine improvement initiatives that can be explored to optimize workers’ health and safety.

    BOHS offers both theoretical and hands on occupational health training for nurses, doctors and technicians in the following areas:

    • Occupational Audiometry
    • Spirometry
    • Vision Testing
    • Occupational health Principles.

    BOHS has been involved in offering health services management consultancy in the running of industrial clinics. It also does audits and health services systems analysis to review optimization alternatives in terms of human resources, operational designs and effectiveness levels.


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The centre of unequivocal excellence in the provision of Occupational Health and Safety Services
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The company offers occupational health and safety services to corporates, insurance companies, NGOs and workers on matters pertaining to workers’ health and safety. Baines Occupational Health & Safety Centre seeks to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being of workers in all occupations as well as ex- workers. It is also involved in carrying out research on workers/ex-workers health.
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To provide internationally acceptable Occupational Health and Safety services